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XECTA RMS is known for the Frontline, Middle & Senior Level Recruitments. We hold a very strong database which helps us close any urgent requirements with a very less time gap. The unique selling point of XECTA is the referenced database we hold. We work on references & also we are known for our head hunting techniques.

Seasoned account managers from XECTA RMS work with CLIENT

  • The process is either on-site or off-site
  • Achievement of large scale staffing goals within time-frame
  • Focused and integrated approach with flexibility, effective strategy, business expertise and powerful search capabilities
  • XECTA works with the Client’s HR Team to optimize your current process

When you need temp staffing, go with the best.

Let’s get right to the point: when it comes to temp staffing, we’re the best . There, we said it. Sure, we do a lot of other things really well, but temp staffing is how we made a name for ourselves. So, when you need temp staffing services—for one day, one project, one season or one year—talk to us first. We’ve got the largest network of pre-qualified candidates anywhere. That means, whether you need 1 employee, or 1,000, you get quality people. And you get them quickly.

Founded in 2014, XECTA RMS is a trusted engineering service partner to the construction industry. Whether you are a builder, a general contractor or an architect, XECTA RMS can fulfill your project requirements with tailored and customized solutions ranging from design development to As-built BIM modeling. With its engineering centre located in India, XECTA RMS delivers a proven combination of accuracy, affordability and timeliness in all of its project undertakings.

Leveraging the latest technology and practices in the AEC industry such as Integrated BIM Project Delivery (IPD), we help our clients ranging from construction companies to product manufacturers, realize their goals within the predefined standards, timelines, and budget thereby ensuring a maximum return on investment on every project.

We are experienced in providing a first-class facilities cleaning service which is engineered to keep pace with fast moving human environments. So whatever type of environment or facility you manage, we, will advise you on how we would approach and address your cleaning needs.

Our service is designed to be a complete and effective solution, tailored to meet the demands of each specific customer site. We can provide complete integrated cleaning services with professionally trained teams who use latest equipment and work to the highest international standards. XECTA RMS Cleaning uses only approved environmentally-safe cleaning products.

We believe you’ll see a more personal approach, meaning greater commitment and flexibility, along with shorter lines of communication to our management. It’s often these details that make the difference.

XECTA RMS. is a one-stop-destination for your physical security needs. We offer highly effective security surveillance and access control systems and expert consulting. XECTA RMS. delivers effective solutions to a wide variety of routine and special events security challenges. Many of our employees are retired law enforcement officers with an expertise in protective services and intelligence matters. We handle a wide range of security issues, whether it is protecting celebrities, entertainers, athletes, business executives, offering corporate security training and consulting. Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Why XECTA Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

XECTA RPO delivers comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing services to its clientele.

We provide dependable and customizable solutions by combining business domain knowledge with technical competence and proven methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.

At XECTA we recognize that every client is different and needs to a customized plan built on proven fundamentals. We are proficient in designing and implementing projects in tune with your business requirements, based on rudiments, as well as the current realities of your organization.

Today talent acquisition is the most critical part of the human resource management process. Businesses in their quest to stay ahead and maintain their growth curve want to employ the latest recruiting processes to acquire the best talent required. Organizations are under pressure to for the recruitment and selection of the top talent at lower costs while competing with big brands and promising start-ups.

Our expertise lies in offering recruitment and staffing solutions with varied models which will ensure in hiring high quality talent at scale with the right recruitment selection processes. We undertake the following services:

  • Training resources on all skill sets – technical, non-technical and soft skill – and deploying them
  • Ensuring work/task ready manpower for easy deployment at work place
  • Offering bench creation for planned workload/hiring


Direct Recruitment

Portal Recruitment

Field Recruitment

Database Building Activity

Missed Call/ Hotline service for enrolment
IVRS for automatic screening
SMS Enrolment

Alternate Channel

Campus, Retail/ Business Partner, NGO, Media Ads, etc., Mass activation/ Job Fairs, BTL Reach: Local activation to reach the right TG

Associate Engagement

Associate Referal Program
Hire, Train & Deploy
Skill Development

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